Rosette Stephan

Passionate to express myself through Art, Photography and Music

I'm a visual artist and creative, involved in photography and video art generally. I hold a ba in Communication Arts and a master’s degree in Audiovisual Production. My passion in life is to ultimately express my ideas, thoughts, and experiences through photography and music. New Media art, VFX, light design, painting, illustration, and other forms of art capture are also within my experimental tool kit. I am 31 now, and in this phase of my life, I am being assured more than ever that I am an artist and that's what I always wanted to feel. I was led to photography mainly because I’ve taken a photography class when I was at university. Then I bought a camera and continued exploring the technical aspects of photography which was very tempting for me. Ever since that phase, I uplifted and developed my skills and felt fantastically hooked by looking through the viewfinder. I felt this unique connection and stimulation between the viewfinder, what I see, my eye, my brain, and my emotions. I enjoy mostly portraying certain moods, feelings, tints, and tones in a photo, as well as movements, lights, figures, and structures. I am a versatile photographer, I enjoy street photography as well conceptual and abstract photography. I find pleasure in noticing details and capturing them, and I enjoy doing photo editing, photo concept, and photo manipulation. What keeps me going and moving forward in photography are simply my continuous unique experiences. Someone or anyone else, at the same moment or on the same day can see things differently, and that is how the experience is translated through pictures and photographs, in a very distinctive, individual way, yet very collective and massed, because at the end every picture has a story, and I like feeling like a storyteller.

Rosette Stephan


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