Accumulate paint layers - the final one unleashing the others.

EDUCATION 2014-2016 Jean Monnet University, Saint-Etienne Master degree 2 Research on Plastic Art 2013-2014 Jean Monnet University, Saint-Etienne Licence of Plastic Art 1999-2003 Aix-en-Provence University Licence of Philosophy, aesthetic and ethics




USD 5700

Work on accumulation of paints. This painting collects the falls of paintings that take place in the ...

By solimeo-mathilde

Survivance 0.32

USD 400

When you buy art you buy an emotion.

By solimeo-mathilde

Survivance 1.10

USD 800

StudioTime : Paint your way with Mathilde Solimeo

USD 265

Pink Portrait

USD 800

What is the limit between figurative and abstract? This painting experiences dripping method on clas ...

By solimeo-mathilde


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