An Ice speaking door of 4 meters is facing you. It holds the key to your enigmas, melts in water and words. ORAKL is a spokesperson and answers to your questions. Inspiration time: from sunset to sunrise.

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Facing us is an ice doorway measuring four meters by two meters. This block of ice sits outside.  I imagine a large, silent, open space that brings to mind the dawn of time. A place of gathering. Its form is that of a door and its frame. It should evoke Egyptian false doors for the dead, miniature entrances to Etruscan tombs, the Romanesque doorway, or the Greek portico. It is a portal to another world, a vibrant source of inspiration, an ocean of speech. Above all a Speaking Door. In its essence, it holds the key to an enigma. It affords the citizen the experience of looking into a mirror – of peering “Through The Looking Glass.” All this beneath the open sky; a spectacular speaking experience.

Itself made of water, it is a reservoir for the senses, a diamond, a totem, a surface that is translucent and super-sensitive. Because it melts it should be displayed outside.  It speaks to something inside each of us. It answers us in mirror-images. It resembles us because it ponders our questions. It holds the answers that we can’t ourselves see. It is an ORAKL, spelled with a K because it is modern and because it answers questions one-on-one.

We’ve forgotten our old rites and our common language. Our tongues are tied and we’ll end up trapped in marble. We are alone with our questions.

We visit ORAKL during the night. It lasts just long enough to exhaust its ice-matter and its solutions or enigmas.

It also has a question-recording surface. This consists of a plate on the floor showing two footprints and this inscription: ASK ME A QUESTION.

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