Jad Tamo

Passionate about Music, Design and Cycling

My name is Jad Tamo and I am a self-taught Freelance Graphic Designer who spends his time doing what he is passionate about 24/7. I worked in retail business for 10 yrs but during that process I was taking on several freelance jobs up until I decided in 2016 to take a risk and quit to spend time doing my passion. I've done work for Japan, Dubai, USA and of course Lebanon. You may check my portfolio on www.tamojad.com (my web development skills are basic as I built my site on my own ). I started learning graphic design from books (before YouTube) then completed my skills throughout several YouTube Channels and I am always up-to-date with recent software upgrades and changes. You may also find my instagram profile on www.instagram.com/tamojad for detailed projects. I am also a self-taught online marketing expert (I nourished my skills through a digital marketing agencies) but my biggest tutor was YouTube as a startup and being able to apply what I've been learning online through real implementation gave me the correct-straight-forward strategy to nourish my skills in order to become a marketing expert. My recent work is designing a huge mapping study done by The Pulse and konrad-adenauer-stiftung about the state of civil society (NGOs) in Lebanon. You may download the file from here to have a look at the layout https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1J9Zsw752rI7yRl1TzAhKnlndAhnT4Xcy Looking forward to hearing from you and I believe that I am up to any challenge! Thank you

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