Jimmy El Homsy

I want my Art to move the world

While growing up, I used to hear this story my parents tell people noticing my childish drawings. They feared I had psychological problems and thought I was crazy at the age of three when they see me laying down on my back, waving my hands and moving my pointed index in the air. When they asked what I was doing my answer was repetitively “I’m drawing”, it was when they identified my passion for drawing and painting. Although I was distant from the art scene for a period of time after graduation from university, my passion for painting and drawing kept growing inside me. I never stopped drawing, but it wasn’t until the end of 2018 that I decided to dedicate my time fully for art. Since then, I am focused to continuously learn, explore and develop a unique style in order to be distinguished in the contemporary art scene. My primary subject is expressing the form and anatomy as well as color and composition through a representational painting approach of everything human. I am greatly influenced by Van Gogh’s noticeable brush strokes and William Etty’s depiction of the nude figure, in addition to my admiration for the renaissance masters such notably Michelangelo, Botticelli and Da Vinci. While working on establishing my own artistic roots, technical styles like chiaroscuro and impasto fascinate me, which makes them greatly visible in my art applied most of the time with oil on canvas. In 2018, I launched project Dot Dot Dot on social platforms, comprising sketches and drawings using ink and gold leaf on paper, body painting, and street photography. It started as a visual gesture depicting the twenty first century’s everyday life challenges with inspirations to overcome them, expressed with techniques and styles from Rembrandt’s printmaking, the Chinese ink painting, and digital street photography. I find myself responsible for the advancement of the community and the society, by emphasizing on our humane status throughout my art. I want my Art to move the world, I want to look around and see only happy faces, it is what makes me feel the happiest.

Jimmy El Homsy


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