How MAD is Beirut

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This fundraising campaign reveals the hidden Gems of Beirut, portrays the determination of its residents of all ages and will provide them with a long needed source of income through the sales of their art, designs and craft.

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Because we’re not just rebuilding a city, we’re reinjecting life. Because we want to continue promoting and developing Lebanese creatives abroad.


By launching our How MAD is Beirut fundraising campaign, we’re revealing 50 stories of Lebanon’s hidden gems and helping Lebanese youth and seniors generate revenues from abroad.

We are fundraising for 157 000$ to

  • Fundraise for Beirut relief
  • Promote Lebanon beyond the recent apocalypse
  • Reveal 50 Lebanese stories within 4 months
  • Reduce brain drain of Lebanese talents through remote work
  • Help Lebanese creatives live from their art online with basic digital knowledge

Thanks to our partnership with the USAID-funded IM Capital on its relief initiative من_قلبي_دعم_لبيروت#, we have reached a first milestone in this project. We’re now ready to train 17 Lebanese artists and designers to structure their business and develop it in France and promote over 35 Lebanese creatives and local brands affected by the Beirut blast in August.

To benefit from this initiative and join our program, simply fill this form and we will reach out to you directly.

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Tote Bag
Jnoun Beirut Poster
Reveal a Beirut Gem

Job Creation & Social Impact

Reduce brain drain & allow Lebanese artists to live from their art from the comfort of their home without digital knowledge.

Social Impact

• 50 Lebanese stories of arts & crafts filmed & promoted in 4 months
• Reduce brain drainof Lebanese talents through our remote teams
• Insure diversity & inclusion (women & BoP representation in Slashers & Gems)
• Help senior isolated craftsmen live from their art online without digital knowledge

Maintain Jobs of Lebanese artists, craftsmen & designers

Business Growth

• 100 Lebanese musicians, artists & designers promoted in Europe per year

• 720 Lebanese art & craft products to be purchased online by a mediterranean audience
• 250 000$ revenues in fresh money for Lebanese seniors & youth


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Tote Bag

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Your Tote Bag My Heart is in Beirut


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5 How MAD are You Bracelets


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MAD Thank You


A MAD Thank you from our team for supporting us in promoting Lebanese artists & craftsmen.


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Reveal a Beirut Gem

USD 3500

Help us reveal a Beirut Gem, from the shooting of their story to the sales of their crafts or designs.


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Jnoun Beirut Poster

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Jnoun Beirut Poster 21x29cm 135 g


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MADTeam - 15/04/2021

Amazing Project !