Marianna b zoghbi

Viewing the world through kaleidoscope eyes.

A Lebanese designer by origin, a nomad by nature. For more than 15 years, I have been living in a whirlpool of colours blended by advertising and painting. Poured into different countries from Beirut to Dubai and all the places in between, the grasp of that cultural diversity and human struggle shaped what my brushstrokes portray. Simplifying the human features lending me the ability to bare the soul and emotions of my subject matter to the world in a psychedelic ethnic way. Mostly using Acrylic paint mixed with oil wax pastels. Paintings and artifacts are viewed by appointment and most artworks are produced on commission basis. As a keeper of peace and a hoarder of love i'm compelled to expand my work to include contemporary ethnic portraiture with a twist that anyone can identify with.

marianna b zoghbi


story of layla

USD 30

We are story tellers, we are fighters and we are survivors.

By marianna b zoghbi


USD 5000

Together in our bubble we are safe from the outside world, protecting, procreating and at peace. 75x ...

By marianna b zoghbi


USD 40

Society is ruthless constantly making humans seek approval, losing their dignity on the way.

By marianna b zoghbi

behind your eyes

USD 800

behind the veil lies the truth set in words left unspoken.

By marianna b zoghbi

self portrait

USD 1000

an introspective look inside the human psyche, each layer uncovered brings you closer to the unknown ...

By marianna b zoghbi


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