Fairy on the Loose

La saveur de la vie n'est que pour les fous

In my reality, art heals me and helps me transcend to worlds of fantasy, where love is the ruler, imagination the groundbreaker, fairies the friends I long for, colors the source I drink from, canvases the books I read from, where everything I touch transforms in endless shapes, shapes of you and shapes of me. Art helps me open up portals to hidden emotions inside of me, grabbing them by the hand and pulling them out on a canvas, giving them eternal life, as an imprint of endless evolution from one state to another. It helps me have a better understanding of my process through this amazing adventure we call life, what I cannot put in words, I draw in colors. I see art in everything around me, or an opportunity to create art out of everything that surrounds me. I am dedicated to spread through my art messages of awareness towards our planet, towards oneself, towards healing. I have lived in Lebanon for most of my life, a place where things were never really in place, where unpredictable events always changed the course of the game, so I learned to bloom in an infertile land and therefore created my own fairy kingdom where madness still exists but in a way I can relate to, where light dances with darkness, where they live in symbiosis.

Fairy on the Loose


Womb Healing

USD 25

Honoring the divine feminine in me, honoring my ancestors that carried me within them, honoring the ...

By Fairy on the Loose

Beirut’s Revolution

USD 50

LOVE is the real revolution.

By Fairy on the Loose

A prayer for Mother Earth

USD 60

In remembrance of the explosion of Beirut, 4th of August 2020. Unity from the soul realm to the dep ...

By Fairy on the Loose

Mother of All

USD 30

Expression of consciousness, of all that is, the vibrance of life.

By Fairy on the Loose


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