Womb Healing

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Honoring the divine feminine in me, honoring my ancestors that carried me within them, honoring the womb as the sacred space in which life manifests. Honoring the sacredness of women as the heartbeat of the earth.

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Women are the main subject of my fairy kingdom as they represent care, love and compassion, which is what the world is lacking today. By continuously portraying them, I invoke their powers to come heal us so we can move as one and breathe as one. In this painting the message is to specially heal the sacred womb space, empowering women to connect deeply with the gift given to them, the power to give life.


acrylics and pens on cardboard


Width: 29.7 cm - Height: 42 cm


Fairy on the Loose

La saveur de la vie n'est que pour les fous

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